Two Kinds of Pains

Good things usually require pains. Bad things bring more pains. No one can escape pains.

Pains are parts of our daily living. There are however two kinds of pains we can choose to have.

1. The pain of discipline. This one may bring momentary discomfort but will yield good results in the future. It’s like having a surgery, the pain subsides and may not come back after operation. Trust me.

2. The pain of regrets. This one will always be more painful in the future if one chooses to escape the first one. It’s like taking a pain killer, after sometime it’s painful again.

Published by `ĪSĀ for All

I love God above all and I fear Him only. Husband to a wonderful woman and father to four great children. OFW engineer. Entrepreneur. Investor. Farmer. Happy. 😊

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