Achieving Dream, Personality Development, Save and Invest, The Right Choice

The Right Choice

When faced with a difficult task or challenge, you and I are given three choices:

1. Give Up. (you quit)
2. Give In. (you comply)
3. Give it all you’ve got! (you commit and deliver a great work of excellence)

We need to take time to think through, and make the right choices. There is a future we need to consider.

Simple are the needs in life: A peaceful mind enough to wonder and imagine. A happy heart to love and care. A healthy body to serve and work on dreams. Enough wealth that is enough to share.

Many things in life are choices; a choice to be humble in the glitter of victory; to find grace in moments of defeat; to learn from the past; and to face the challenges of the present. Choose GOD for it is the right choice.

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