Humility, ISA for All

Words and Heart

Words spoken are overflow of the heart. So when a person keeps on saying negative things against anyone, then it is merely an outlet of the true contents of the heart. Seek to encourage and not to destroy. Seek to build up and not to tear down. Take care of the heart. Not just medically but more so spiritually.

You know, it takes years to build up a credible reputation and only 5 minutes to destroy it. One lie alone destroys all the truths and the trust you have built. Before we do something unethical, think again. It’s not worth it!

We all have weaknesses. We make mistakes. We can either admit we’re wrong or insist we’re right. But here is an idea: Once you own up to your weaknesses and your mistakes, no one in the world would be able to use those against you. But if you insist you are right then there will be a force building up to prove you’re wrong and might bring you down in the process.

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