Train For The Good

Train the eyes to see the good and train the mind to to think good things. You do this and you create a good day and a good week. Stay positive!

Want to be happy? Be sure you and I are living in the right tent. All the world lives in two tents–content and discontent. You know you are in the right tent when you can truthfully mimic the words of Paul: “I have learned to be content in whatever state I am.” After much thought this would be a good way to think. Alway be contented with what you have but never be contented with what you can become. So be happy!

Published by `ĪSĀ for All

I love God above all and I fear Him only. Husband to a wonderful woman and father to four great children. OFW engineer. Entrepreneur. Investor. Farmer. Happy. 😊

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