Humility, Relationships

Attack The Idea

When discussing issues, check your temper and disposition. Remember that all men are created equal but not all ideas are. So if you do not agree, do not bash or attack the person. You may attack the idea and if someone does, do not make it a personal issue. You can however improve your argument. This is how intelligent and decent people deal with conflicts intelligently. It’s more creative this way.

Respect and courtesy are requirements for effective communications. People are stressed and many are angry. Choose words carefully. Don’t cuss, don’t curse. Learn to discuss things respectfully and argue logically. At the end of the day, winning an argument may give you a feeling of momentary victory but losing the respect of the person cost more.

Fear is the root cause of just about all physiological disorders. Know that when people hurt you or attack you, they are living in fear.

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