Giving Thanks

Whenever I find myself in a difficult situation, what comes to mind is Scripture that says: “In everything, give thanks.” And then peace comes. It is a precious lesson my family and I have been learning. We may not know why things are happening but one thing we can be certain of is that there is a purpose behind it. It will be revealed in due time but meanwhile, we give thanks.

Life is full of adventures. We experience pleasure and pain, as there will always be sunshine and rain. And who can forget the experiences we had with losses and gains. But in all circumstances, God is in control so we must learn that in all things… give thanks. So enjoy life and learn while we give thanks, again and again.

You may have experience this, you do a favour, give the person a chance, doesn’t even thank you – act as if he or she does not even know you. Sometimes they even hurt and betray you. The world is full of ungrateful and unethical people. So what do you do? Smile. We give.They take. But remember that we do because of love and perhaps they take because of greed. We serve because we love God and I wonder who or what they love that causes them to do what they do. So do not stop helping and serving others. It still is a privilege after all.

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