ISA for All

Have Fun

Every relationship should carry a component of fun in it. Marital relationship? Have fun. Business relationship? Have fun. Parents and kid relationship? Have fun. Without fun, there may be no relationship at all. Everything might turn out to be transactional. And this is no fun at all.

Relationships do not last because they were destined to. But relationships last because the involved parties work hard on making it successful. Whether in marriage, family or business, the same principle applies.

Do not say I love you because you are beautiful, smart, good looking, cooks very well, do what you do, etc. Those things fade and when they do what would you be left with? Say, I love you for who you are and what you are to me. Trust me, it’s true.

This is also the reason why we do not love God for what He can do for us but we love Him for who He is. He loves us not because of what we do but because He is love. And the closer our love for God is the closer we can have our love for each other.


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