Achieving Dream, Happiness, Purpose, Relationships

The Right Company

Hang out with people who force you to level up. We normally do not like them but we need them. And then there are people we need to disappoint. These are the people who want to see us fail. Instead of expending time and energy in anger and bitterness, channel the same into being excellent to prove them wrong. As we succeed… just be quiet. Thank God for His mercy. And let success announce the results for us.

People who are wise are not necessarily silent people. But they have determined when the right time it is to be. The not so wise do not have this skill. They just open their mouths and a lot of useless things begin to flow out of it. We need to develop skilful communication and to be careful with every word we say.

Know this for a fact. Only a few people in our life really care. The others are just curious. So if we have to live our life concerned with what other people say or do, then we would not be happy. Just do what is right and stick to it.

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