ISA for All

Strongest Asset

All we need is a little bit of everything and a whole lot of ISA.

I’ve heard a lot of audio books while going back and forth from home to work; read materials on asset protection and it is important to know and understand them.

But our credibility and reputation is the strongest asset we have and we better do our best to keep it.

1. You earn trust.
2. You are given respect.
3. You are shown loyalty.

If you betray just one, you lose all three.

Here’s a story about an architect who was retiring from a prestigious company. The president of the company asked him to build a dream house, a showcase for his talent and know-how. Money was not to be a problem.

And so the architect started the project. But as he went on, he started skimping on the materials. Although the house looked beautiful on the outside, quality and safety were compromised. Finally, the house was finished. On the day of it’s inauguration, the president of the company announced that the house was to be the company’s parting gift to the architect. He realized that when he fooled others, it is only himself that he tricked.

One of the best advice I had in life came from my boss who said, “Hey, sometimes you are so serious with the person you talk to and it reflects to the other person which is making him serious too. Get over it. Let me give you two things to consider.

1. It’s just work. Why take it personally?
2. The world is a beautiful place. Why spend your time, energy and attention on ugly people? Move on.”

I did. Never forgot the lesson.

Source: Strongest Asset

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