ISA for All

Silence and Peace

The sound of silence simply means somebody is thinking. You cannot be creative without thinking. Creativity involves calmness so learn to be calm. Learn to live outside the noisy chatters of social media and chronic feeds.

Conciseness of words, quietness or even silence can speak volume. People who are in love are comfortable being quiet with each other because they know each other well. Those who do not will have to talk a lot in order to adjust to one another. This will explain why in meaningful relationships, silence speaks a lot.

Seek peace. Live peacefully with others. Peace brings you power so make sure you remain calm in any situation you are in.
And when things turn out to be difficult, be thankful too that you are about to learn something new.

All we need is a little bit of everything and a whole lot of ISA.

Source: Silence and Peace

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