ISA for All

Be Good To Yourself

Angry? Hurt? Cannot forgive?

Perhaps we can borrow the wisdom of the late Senator and poet, Francisco “Soc” Rodrigo who said: “Nandoon ako, galit na galit, nagngingitngit, nang malaman ko na lang na ang kaaway ko, tulog na tulog at naghihilik!” Translated loosely, it means, “There I was so full of anger and hate, only to find out that my enemy was sleeping soundly, snoring even in his sleep!”

Anger and hate will do you no good. So be good to and with yourself. Forgive.

Anger is a form of power; can be used for good and this is called “righteous indignation.” Scriptures say be angry but do not sin. Anger can also be a power to do evil. Outbursts of temper. Uncontrolled rage. We need to know the difference. The power that is given to us can also turn against us and when it does, this power turns into a weakness. The more you give yourself to it the more your life will be set by it and then people will get to know you as an angry person. Anger and disrespectful are closely related.

It really takes a deep relationship for someone to see these things:

1. The sorrow behind your smile.
2. The love behind your anger.
3. The reason behind your silence.

Unless you know the person deep enough, you would not be able to see these things.

Again, you can’t give what you don’t have. Be good to and with yourself first.

All we need is a little bit of everything and a whole lot of ISA.

Source: Be Good To Yourself

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