ISA for All

A Lesson From The Rice Stalks

One day, while helping my father in the farm, I noticed the tall rice stalks that swayed in the wind. I told my father how bountiful the harvest would be that year.

My father, without even looking at the rice stalks, taught me a lesson I could never forget. “Son”, he said, “those rice stalks that stand tall and straight are empty and have nothing. It is those which are bent and lowly that are heavy with grain.

Humility is not thinking of yourself low but understanding that you are not better than others, just mere different from them and that you need the Grace of God to help you improve to become better so you can help others to become better too.

Pray and let us remain good and humble and not to envy those who seem to prosper by evil ways.

Source: A Lesson From The Rice Stalks

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