ISA for All


Here’s a story I heard about a man driving up to Baguio for the first time. It was dark and foggy. Fortunately there was another car ahead of him. So he decided to follow the car and, in fact, tailgated it through the thick fog.

He was elated with his strategy. Then in the thick fog the car ahead stopped, and when it did not move for some time, he blew his horn. The other driver alighted from his car and asked him what was wrong.

Abante na,” he said. “Let’s keep going.” The other driver retorted: “What do you mean, keep going. I’m already in my garage!”

Remember this: Happiness keeps us sweet. Trials keep us strong. Sorrow keeps us human. Failure keeps us humble. Success keeps us glowing. GOD keeps us going. Lets follow Him through thick and thin ’till we reach heaven.

Source: Tenacity

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