ISA for All

The 4-H for Peace

For a peaceful life, don’t forget these four H’s:

Honesty. Yes, honesty is still the best policy. An honest person is a person at peace.

Humility. A person finds peace and contentment when he has no airs about himself, when he knows and accepts himself and does not pretend to be something or someone else.

Hard Work. There is no substitute for hard work. You know how empty it feels to be all form and no substance. Are you hard working or hardly working?

Holiness. Follow God’s ways and you will have peace. Turn away from God and you will never find peace.

And may I add one more H, it’s Humor! Don’t take yourself too seriously. Smile, laugh, and, with childlike confidence trust in Him, who has a terrific sense of humor. Just look at the mirror and you will see what I mean.

Source: The 4-H for Peace

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