ISA for All

The Missed Train

There is a story about three men who were drunk. They were out to catch the last train which was already pulling out of the station. The three tried to run and catch up with the train. The train conductor pulled in the first, and then the second. But he failed when he tried to pull the third. So the third man was left behind.

The station master expressed sorrow with the man who was left behind. But the man said, “Well, I am sorry for those guys. You see, they were here just to see me off!”

Don’t miss the important person in our life… it’s Him, and the most important thing in our life… it’s love.

Starting is easy. Most people manage that part well but finishing well is the more challenging and far more important responsibility. Anyone can commit to do something but it takes a committed person to actually get it done.

Mental toughness is extremely important. Take good care of your mind. Fill it with good things and godly thoughts. Your mind is your most potent weapon. So make sure it’s loaded at all times. Loaded with good things and not with trashy things.

Source: The Missed Train

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