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Matchstick Moment

As a leader, you may be good at giving advice. The question now is are you good in showing yourself as a good example? When advice and behavior clash, the people tend to believe the behavior more than they believe the advice.

The story is told that there was once a family of matchsticks that lived miserably inside the dark matchbox.

One day, one of the matchsticks fell down when the matchbox was opened. He saw what the other members of his family were longing for – bright light. He also saw a man take out two matchsticks from the box. The first one was used by the man as a toothpick, the other for cleaning the ears! But his greatest joy was when he saw the man get another matchstick, strike it, and behold came forth the light! “My gosh,” he said. “The light we have been looking and longing for, is within us! I must go back to my family and tell them the good news.”

According to the story, the man saw the matchstick, picked it up from the floor and returned to the matchbox. His message was: “The light is within us.” Some believed him, some did not.

Believe in the goodness that is within us and within everybody, and to continue to live in the light.

Source: Matchstick Moment

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