ISA for All

Home Quarantine

I saw some funny Facebook posts and it describes the kinds of people and behaviors during home quarantine. There’s too much ranting in social media. Too much munching and eating. Too hard-headed: refuse to wear mask and stay home. Too much Netflix. Don’t know boundaries. Too much worrying. Too much Tik-Tok.

Be productive. Be healthy. Continue learning. One more thing – get some sun too. Joy and happiness are not in the taking and the receiving but in the giving and the sharing. Take a look at those who have given and especially to the front-liners during these times of difficulties, there is a joy in the heart that cannot be explained.

Stay home. The virus does not discriminate. The strong, the rich, the powerful and the famous; the marginalized, the education-deprived and the under-privileged – no one is spared. Everyone is a potential victim. Contrast this to just a few months ago when humanity boasts of how technology will rule the world. How man will conquer space. There was great admiration for the famous, the powerful and influential. All those seem futile at this moment. We put our dependence on God and in Him, we shall put our trust.

Source: Home Quarantine

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