ISA for All

Work From Home

When home becomes your workplace and your workplace becomes your home, balancing your time and focus for work and family then becomes a challenge in itself too. For most of us, this is probably the longest period we’ve stayed at home with our family, almost 24/7, and away from our office desks and usual weekday grind.

Stay focused. It has been said that “Life is a lot easier when you are not paying too much attention to what others are doing and having.” This is so true. The best thing to do is to focus on how we can improve, learn and deliver excellent work. To fulfill our purpose in life and derive meaning from it. These should be our main focus.

Ramadan Kareem! Look forward to good things to come. Be conscious and aware of the possibilities and opportunities. Be excited. Focus your energy and attention on activities and things that would add value to the occasion. Now is a great time for you to be a brand new you. And it is a great month to do great things, even simply at home. Focus on doing right. And we won’t go wrong!

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