ISA for All, Life Lessons, Purpose, Relationships



Growth without meaning and purpose is like eating just to get fat. Wanting to get rich just for the sake of being rich is the same. Growth should always come with health. This principle applies not only for the body but for the soul, business and life. So we need to make sure we are healthy and we need to make sure that there is meaning and purpose to what we do.

Every day has its purpose. Bad days give us experiences. Good days give us happiness. The worst days give us lessons. Great days give us memories. Live each day with no regrets. Always make a contribution to make ourselves and others better.

We are not created to wander aimlessly without any reason or purpose. Every person is hard-wired with two fundamental desires: Purpose and Relationships. We have the inherent need to create things of value and that includes relationship.

Stay humble. The razor blade is sharp but cannot cut a tree; the ax is strong but cannot cut hair. In areas of strength we extend help to others who need it. In areas of weaknesses we ask for help and don’t quit. Everyone is important according to his/her unique purpose, never look down on anyone unless you are admiring their shoes.

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