ISA for All

Lessons Learned from Lockdown

The community quarantine is almost over. People are now allowed to go out without permit. But go out only when necessary and everyone MUST wear mask and gloves, and maintain social distancing. Did you notice how fast we can learn when a pressing situation like COVID-19 is pressed upon us?

I have learned how to work from home. We have learned the importance of having an emergency fund. Others have learned how to bake and cooked new recipes. Others become hairstylists (more practice). For parents and children, they have learned how home-schooling works. It means no more school bus and traffic, no more waking up early, no more uniform, no bullying.

Most recognized board game

We also learned that humanity should work as one and that we can be more neighborly; we can stay close and help each other by staying away from each other. We have learned how to manage our emotions and to be calm. We learned how to appreciate the simple things in life. Yes, we really learn fast.

While in lock-down, we took the chance to LOCKDOWN. It was a time to:

L – et God. Listen to His voice and reflect.
O – bey His Word and His teachings.
C – all on Jesus’ name and be calm.
K – now that God has a purpose for all of this.
D – well in His presence. Do not panic.
O – ffer a prayer for everyone’s safety.
W – ait on the LORD and be patient. This too shall pass.
N – urture our personal relationship with God.

In every PROBLEM we understand SOMETHING. In every LOSS we find the strength to PURSUE. In every MISTAKE we LEARN what is right. In every PAIN we gain COURAGE. Trust God. He is in full control. It’s amazing how God allows us to go through different life experiences so we can emerge wiser and stronger. Remember, that the teacher is always quiet during the test.

Always be in the company of people who bring out the best in you even if they make you uncomfortable. These are the people who care enough to stretch you, teach you, correct you and help you grow to become better.

Comment and share what you have learned too. Happy weekend, enjoy!

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