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Stay Calm

I love this: “Worry never climbed a hill; worry never paid a bill; worry never dried a tear; worry never calmed a fear; worry never did a worthwhile thing.”

It has been said that worry is interest paid on trouble before it comes due. Jesus tells us that we should not worry about tomorrow for it will worry about itself. Stay calm. Pray and let God worry. Live one day at a time with peace in our heart and the assurance that He who creates the heavens and the earth is in control.

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When we are fearful, it is best to remain calm and not to take drastic reactions. Stay calm. When you are very happy; DON’T decide. When you are upset; DON’T decide. When you are depressed and feeling down; DON’T decide. Stabilize your emotions first so you can think clearly. For me, I pray and it calms me and I ask for wisdom to decide. Decisions made during calm moments are better than reactions made at the height of one’s emotional moments.

Learn to keep your peace. Be calm. Sit back. Tighten your lips. Observe and learn. Not every thing requires a reaction from you. The sound of silence simply means somebody is thinking. You cannot be creative without thinking. Creativity involves calmness so learn to be calm. Learn to live outside the noisy chatters of social media and chronic feeds.

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