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Mind the Good Things

Be grateful for little things not just for the big blessings. Live life one day at a time. There are things you cannot control. Do not stress over them. Nothing in life can keep us down, except our own thinking. Be careful with our thought-life. Quality of life requires a good quality of thought. Fill the mind with good things.

Remember this: There is no need to compete with others. My one and only competitor is the person I was yesterday. So I better make sure I do better today.

If you want to be a positive person then train your mind to look at the good in things and in the beauty of people. When you look long and hard you will see traces of goodness in them. Make this your main focus. Your countenance and disposition will become positive and enable you to see opportunities like never before.

There are people who would bring a twinkle to your eyes and then there are people who would bring wrinkles to your face. All the potions, lotions and notions in the world would not make a person prettier if the heart and mind are constantly criticizing people all the time. Here’s a beauty tip: If you want to be beautiful then learn to look at the beauty in others.

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