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Talks a Dad Should Have With His Kids

Hey, Dads! Happy Father’s Day! I hope your children will celebrate you in a big way this month, because we deserve it. Let’s give ourselves a shoulder tap for being faithful to lead our children in the way everlasting. You rock, heroes! So, fathers, we get one shot at this. Let’s rise to the challenge and make significant deposits in our children’s lives. If you have not lived up to your calling, it’s never too late to start over. Apologize. Ask questions. Learn from other fathers. Practice what you learn.

Being a dad can be difficult at times, but it is an incredible privilege. We have great influence on our kids, and I know you want to help them navigate life better. Here are some lessons that I think can help children sidestep the landmines of life.

Read good books.
Failure is not final.
Life isn’t fair, but God is good.
Love and serve people sincerely.
It’s just nice to be nice to others.
Ask thoughtful and meaningful questions.
Trust God even when you can’t trace God.
No one can make you angry; anger is a choice.
Success does not come overnight. So work hard.
Think before you post anything on social media.
Have the most important conversations face-to-face.
Somebody else has it worse than you. So be grateful.
Take responsibility for your decisions and your life.
Laugh and then laugh some more; especially at yourself.
You cannot change people. That’s the Holy Spirit’s job.
Wealth is built incrementally. So, save little by little.
Give other people permission and power to help you improve.
Genuine gratitude will move people to want to do more for you.
God can and will use your failures to accomplish his purposes.
Develop your relationship with God above every other relationship.
Disappointment is inevitable, but God’s faithfulness is incredible.
Spending more money than you earn will leave you broke and in debt.
Loving another human being is worth the risk, pain, and disappointment.
Be willing to say NO to what you want, so you can say YES to what is necessary.
Your friends will determine the trajectory of your life. So, choose your friends carefully.
The world is bigger than your present address. So, get a passport as soon as you’re old enough.

Special mention: To all the mothers who acts as dad in their absence due to overseas work, Happy Father’s Day to you too.

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