Matchstick Moment

As a leader, you may be good at giving advice. The question now is are you good in showing yourself as a good example? When advice and behavior clash, the people tend to believe the behavior more than they believe the advice. The story is told that there was once a family of matchsticks thatContinue reading “Matchstick Moment”

One Last Look

Here is a lovely thought for the weekend: Cherish things while they are still in your hands. Cherish people while they are still in your life. Cherish good moments in your existence. Appreciate and be grateful for them. For you never know what tomorrow brings. TIME flies and flows away, never to return again. TheContinue reading “One Last Look”

The Fear Factor

I was listening to a speaker and he said something I would never forget. He says, “I am not afraid to be successful. To be successful is what I have tried to achieve through out my lifetime. But now that I know God, what I am afraid of is to be successful in the wrongContinue reading “The Fear Factor”

The Persistent Man

When you do hard and right things today; life will one day turn easier. If you persist in doing only the easier, pleasurable things today; one day your life will be difficult. Difficulties today bring MORE favorable results tomorrow. This is the “compounding principle.” What you sow you will reap but what you reap willContinue reading “The Persistent Man”

My Funny Kabayan

You see a person’s true color when you are no longer beneficial to their lives. But that’s not the way God sees us. He gave His life for us even when we were still sinners and unworthy. You and I carry intrinsic worth and we should not live lives as if it carries no valueContinue reading “My Funny Kabayan”

The Wiser

Understanding is more important than knowledge. I agree. This is why there are many people who may know you but they do not understand you. And there are many people who can fool you because you merely “know” them but you do not understand them; then you get disappointed once you come close and personal.Continue reading “The Wiser”

Keeping The Duck

Speak less listen more, that is wisdom. Eat less but eat right, that is health. Save more spend less, that is prudence. Learn more earn more, that is improvement. Our life is simply a summary of the choices we make from day to day. And not choosing is a choice in itself. So choose correctly.Continue reading “Keeping The Duck”

Who’s The Boss

When a person is shown appreciation, he or she is motivated to do more and better things. When a person is ignored, then the motivation will not be there. Worst is when a person accomplishes things and the boss grabs the credit then it causes demoralization and the person will never trust the leader. That’sContinue reading “Who’s The Boss”

Surprise, Surprise!

Okay. The last quarter of the year is here. Some are exceeding targets so I am happy for you. Do not coast and cruise. Don’t be over-confident. Give it your best shot and discover how far you can go by the end of the year. You might surprise yourself and discover that you have theContinue reading “Surprise, Surprise!”

A Man On A Diet

Self-discipline begins with the mastery of your thoughts. If you don’t control what you think, you can’t control what you do. What is needed today especially among the young is to sharpen the mind and have mental toughness. A man says to a friend, “My cousin is on a three-week diet.” “Oh, yeah? How muchContinue reading “A Man On A Diet”