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No Excuses

When faced with a difficult situation we can either find a way, make a way but we definitely should not create an excuse. We will never profit from the experience. We do not succeed all the time but we can always profit by learning from it. Do not loose the lesson even if you lose.… Continue reading No Excuses

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Needs and Wants

There is a difference between NEEDS and WANTS. My kids WANT me, and not just to provide for their NEEDS. You may have someone who NEEDS you and really WANTS you not only for what you can provide but because you are wanted for who and what you are. These kinds of WANTS are not… Continue reading Needs and Wants

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The Right Choice

When faced with a difficult task or challenge, you and I are given three choices: 1. Give Up. (you quit) 2. Give In. (you comply) 3. Give it all you’ve got! (you commit and deliver a great work of excellence) We need to take time to think through, and make the right choices. There is… Continue reading The Right Choice

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Making Mistakes

We all make mistakes. But we learn from it and stop making it. Mistakes that are repeated often enough is no longer mistakes but decisions. Excuses and reasons would not be enough to explain it and they will be no longer acceptable. When you make a mistake, there are only three things that you should… Continue reading Making Mistakes